• Pearl & friends (easter egger hens, 2016/2019)

  • Rusty (rhode island red hen, 2016/2019)

  • Oreo & Double Stuff (barred rock hens, 2017)

  • Thelma (silkie hen, 2018)

  • Lady Edith (polish crown hen, 2019)

  • Doodle (rooster, 2019)

  • Herman (bourbon red turkey, 2019)


  • Peanut (flemish giant, female, 2019)

  • Dove (double lionhead albino, male, 2017)

  • Patrick (lionhead, male, 2015)


  • Whimsy (juliana/mini, female, 2016)

  • Bean (juliana/mini, male, 2018)




silky fainting, male, 2014


Faye & Lucy

nigerian dwarf, females, 2019

  • Hans (silky fainting, male, 2014)


  • Jack (miniature, male, 2012)

  • Jill (miniature, female, 2005)


  • Buddy (tuxedo, male, 2015)

  • Merle (tuxedo, male, 2015)

  • Stormy (gray tail-less tabby, male, 2018)

  • Stinky Winky (gray/white, female, 2019)


  • Josie (bassett/schnauzer, female, 2012)

  • Gertie (terrier/chihuahua, female, 2003)

  • ongoing SPCA foster dogs/puppies




barn animals

At Beltz Barnyard, we have a variety of entertaining barnyard animals we care for & love on each day.

We are a "hobby farm", meaning the animals are purely for our enjoyment & their good fortune. We don't butcher them or breed them for profit, however we do enjoy farm fresh eggs.

Every animal is unique, and brings us loads of joy.

We can't wait for you to meet the whole herd/flock/family!

The Property

Beltz Barnyard is located near Oshtemo, MI. Nearly 30 acres of wooded, rolling land provide home to our family, our small farm and surrounding wildlife. Amtrak borders the western edge of the property, so every so often we hear the train rumble by.