"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind & strength. These commands are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children."

- Deuteronomy 6:5-7

Camp Whimsy is designed to support parents whose desire is to creatively empower & encourage their kids to grow in heart, soul, mind & strength.




love & compassion for all living things


simple & sustainable faith


passion for discovery & wonder


Godly confidence & courage

What DOES happen at Camp Whimsy:

Kids explore & are active, witnessing the miracles of God’s creation first-hand, exercising creativity & building confidence & friendships with peers & critters.

Kids will be gently stretched to try new things, take a closer look & develop a deeper love for our environment, friends/family & all creatures.

Kids are provided a safe & loving environment in which to grow closer to God, to each other & to the world around them.

Kids will be encouraged to connect with Jesus, through prayer, devotions & faith-building discussion.

Kids experience hands-on learning through story, art, hikes/games, science/nature study, interaction with the animals—& good ‘ol fashion outdoor FUN!

What DOES NOT happen at Camp Whimsy:

Kids won’t experience “screen time” in any form at Camp Whimsy. Please leave all devices at home. ;)

Kids will never be forced to do anything that is out of their capacity/comfort.

Kids may not tease, bully, distract, harm or risk the safety of other kids (or critters) in any way. A lack of self-control will result in a gentle redirection or short “break”.

Kids will not be bored at Camp Whimsy. Really. :)

General policies:

Parents should register kids based on the grade they will enter in the fall following camp. (Preschoolers need to be fully potty-trained please.)

ALL kids are welcome—we are happy to discuss ways Camp Whimsy can be accessible & enjoyable to your child.

Parents/grandparents have an open invitation to observe their camper’s activities at all times.

Camp Whimsy rarely closes due to weather—strong storms, high winds or a tornado watch/warning are the only exceptions.

All camps are 4 days in length: Monday-Thursday. Elementary camps are 9am-12pm; preschool camps are 9am-11am.

The “auto loop” is designed to handle camper drop-off & pick-up. Please stay to the right so traffic is never blocked. Guest parking is available along the east side of the loop for lengthier stops.

Camp Whimsy t-shirts ($10) & other merch will be available throughout the summer, in the big barn.